Python DOB string manipulation challenge

def main():     print(raw_input(“What is your DOB? [dd/mm/yy]”)[3:5]) Printing month word: def main():     months = [‘january’,’february’,’march’,’april’,’may’,’june’,’july’,’august’,’september’,’october’,’november’,’december’]     month = int(raw_input(“What is your date of birth? [dd/mm/yyyy]”)[3:5])     print(str(month) + ” ” + months[month – 1]) Attempt at checking if a… Read morePython DOB string manipulation challenge

Python challenges

Task 1) import turtle def main():     scr=turtle.Screen()     scr.title(‘Square Demo’)     bailey=turtle.Turtle()     for sides in  range (0,4):         bailey.fd(50)         bailey.rt(90)     #Here’s the line that stops the crash!     turtle.getscreen()._root.mainloop() if __name__ == ‘__main__’:     main()  … Read morePython challenges

Draw a square

Creates a square in the console app where the user inputs the position of the square on the screen and the size dimension of the square. This code can be modified to input an extra argument into the sub… Read moreDraw a square

Seconds to Time format

 Solution in Visual Basic to question 4d in January 2013 Programming exam

Bank Of Bailey final piece